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Monday, November 26, 2007

What Will Chez and I Watch?

THIS is NOT good. Link takes you to story about Emeril Legasse and contract negotiations with Food Network for continued production of Emeril Live. While the update clarifies that he is not 'done' at the network, and that Essence of Emeril and special appearances are still green light, that misses a serious point in my mind.

Emeril Live IS Emeril's presence on the Food Network. It's the 'BAM' that gets you there. It's the invitation of PS #Whatever's cooking class in to go over techniques recipes. It's having other Food Network chef's in the kitchen with him. I still remember the Batali/Legasse Emerial Live.

I watch occasional Essence of Emeril episodes because I love his recipes/flare on Live and am willing to lose the flair to learn the techniques, but it's not my bag. The specials? Similar feel. It's less meaningful to me to see him in a Food Network special if I'm not watching him on Food Network. He'll just be that guy in the special. (I know, that's not true, but I'm pissed that Emeril Live 'might' be done...)


Looks like it's just Emeril not having an exclusive agreement with Food Network anymore.

My previous feelings stand.