Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hominy & Bruised Collards

In addition to the haul at the grocery store which I paid for, there were two free conversations about food that stuck out in my mind...

I was foiled in my quest for posole. Because my local Whole Foods...yeah, that place...did not have hominy. The crunchiest store in the chain world with multiple options for MUNG BEANS did not have hominy. Not even one column of small cans of one brand.

So conversation #1 happened. When I asked the gent stocking the aisle in which they should have existed (next to chipotles and frijoles negros) he immediately said "Nope, we don't carry them."

It was so quick I struck up the "You answered that so fast I bet you've been asked before" conversation. And I was right. They used to carry them. He knew they were planning on carrying hominy again in bulk foods in a few months.

After a quick "If you get asked what customers are looking for tell 'em you had another request for hominy" I wandered off in search of a few more things before now heading to a second grocery store to get hominy...

Oh well, the Shoppers' across Solomon's Island would have it. They have the BEST latin aisle in the area. Complete w/ refrigerator and freezer shelves. I LOVE it there.

But we're still at Whole Foods and I'm about the check out. Dianna did a fine job. And then at end she was trying to find a spot for my collards.

"Don't worry about them. They're going to be in the way no matter which bag they're in."

"Oh, I just wanted to make sure they didn't get crushed."

"I'm going to cook them for two hours; it really does't matter if they get 'bruised.'"

Bags handed over. Payment happens. I quip, "Have you ever had people complain about 'bruised' collards?"

Dianna and the cashier next to her both looked at me and nodded.

You Whole Foods shoppers need to get over yourselves...they're collard greens. They cook for HOURS. Your goal is to bruise them in liquid w/ pork...

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