Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Thailand: Steaming Bowl of Beef Noodle Soup

Just after the elephant rides and the tiger petting....we caught our breath, stopped sweating profusely from fear of large jungle cats, and asked Seree to take us to his favorite noodle shop in Chiang Mai. It was a large spread out affair with sturdy tables, mixed chairs, steamy soup, and a HUGE crowd of people. We were obviously the only non-Thai in the place but the sounds of slurping and clinking crockery soon overtook weird silent looks at the stupendously large 'Mericans.

They had bags of pork rinds on the table for munching before soup. They had the omnipresent dried chili, fresh chilis in vinegar, sugar, and fish sauce for the souping up of...well...the soup. Lean sirloin, fatty brisket, soft round sausages. As I've said before, there's no comparison to the richness of the broth in these soups. We just don't get broth like they get broth.

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