Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back into the Sw(p)ring of Things

I'm still alive, still eating, and (for those that care) still interested in this here project of mine. I need to write more, and I have stories to tell. For now, I'll have to catch you up on what's in my head that will (hopefully) soon be on this page...

I love Hoss. One of the best possible human beings on the planet. What that cat went through w/ his son is unconscienable. So I have new cause. And tying together the food with it meant I was in the kitchen of Harry Browne's in Annapolis w/ stud (no longer really) new (amazing) chef Darren Poole cooking up a five-course meal of "A Day in Life of Kid's Food" to raise money for St. Baldrick's and their (largest volunteer-based fundraising organization in the U.S.) fight against childhood cancers. Some thoughts about cooking at home and cooking for a living tied in nicely thanks to a re-read of Molly Wizenberg's excellent piece in Food & Wine's September 2010 joint.

I finally got back to Beantown to see some friends I haven't seen in too long. Sam (her) in three years. Sam (him) since he graduated from Conn in May 1998. Thirteen years gone by. And as I said that weekend, the only thing missing was the time. It was incredibly awakening to know that a friendship that was built that well will not only be retained, but somehow still vibrant. Some thoughts on Boston food, Hungry Mother's amazing northern peeps who got Southern food REALLY WELL, the fact that more restaurants should have "Today's Offal" on their menu (and it really should be seared duck liver with crispy spaetzle and scallions often), and the benefits of the interwebs to maintain rather than to build realtionships (with obvious food blogger exceptions to this, like most, rule(s)).

I have my first CSA haul of the season from Calvert Farms. Pocahontski and I are splitting, so we each get 4 'units' of stuff. I went Asparagus, Swiss Chard, Green Onions, and Shitakes (1/2 lb.) today. I smell fritata. And because we stopped at M&M Meats I smell either bacon or scrapple too. Or maybe both. As we all know, "And" is better than "Or." Also had to grab a gorgeous pork shoulder roast that will be citrus-braised and served with ungodly poached eggs all Mexi-Style. That thanks to the Mexican grocery and Carneceria (That's butcher peeps! Mexican butcher!!!) conveniently (though the average suburbanite wouldn't say so) located on the way home from the JFX or Waverly markets for me. Sadly that link will just get you an address, not a name. But it'll get you there. And you should go. Maybe even today!!! The chorizo looked BUENO!

And now off to visit with the impeccable and newly pre-hitched owner of Pound the Hill and Dr. Chilly D, my moms, and Nationals Park...

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phyllisjanes said...

I like reading your "project" but it's been a while since you made a post. Are you still working on it?

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