Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Pie In CRW

I was in town for a long-weekend visit and had a tasty dinner to tell you about. That Fayetteville place opened its Charly-West locale a couple weeks ago. Downtown. Good thing. Charleston's a big enough town for two high-end pizza joints, and it'll give folks who don't live in South Hills and get off work at the crack of 3pm a chance to get a table and a pie!

I've been to the Eastern Outpost several times and always came away a happy (and full camper).

Good beer, good pies, and a good crew working there. Ms. Chez and I arrived relatively late on the first Saturday they were open and it was still packed. But they don't reserve the bar seats, and we don't care what flat surface holds up our pizzas.

Start with a salad. And share. That's a small, and it's a monster for one person. The gorgonzola dressing is not super tangy but is delicious.

Can't decide what you want on the pie? Get a large and half-n-half it. We rocked the chicken gouda with red onions and bacon on one half and the steak and mushrooms with roasted garlic sauce on the other. And it was bueno. Chewy crust and heavy toppings means it's a hybrid on some slices (knife and fork for the first couple bites and then it's a finger-food slice).

That's a nice lookin' pie.

Both sides were excellent. The gouda and bacon is a classic flavor combo and the chicken was tender. The steak and mushroom also had a tangy bit of gorgonzola and tasted like an open-faced cheesesteak. That is a very, very, good flavor.

I can attest to the 'next day' value of the pizza too. They travel well.

That's a good lookin' crust too.

The oven is a large multi-layered spinning gizmo with a window showing through to the bar so you can watch all the pies spin their way to bubbly, golden-brown awesome.

The kitchen staff got a bit spooked by my camera wizardry. Trust me fellas, it was good. Just like other photographers, you take pictures of pretty things (landscapes, flowers, people, etc). I take pictures of good lookin' food. And y'all have some.

Manager gave us a free dessert. We accepted. Not sure if it was camera/obvious-blogger related or not. But I told you here out loud, so you know, s'okay. Plus, we were going to split something anyway just to see what the new joint had to offer. We went for the multi-layer chocolate/peanut butter concoction with chocolate sauce. File under "Get That When You Go."

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