Saturday, September 11, 2010

Spelunker's Custard

Hiding in plain site. That's Spelunker's. The classic fast-food style building has frozen custard. The homey stands nearby that say "Kustard?" Well according to some in town they just serve fro-yo, not real frozen custard (higher egg content for serious richness) like Spelunker's.

But Spelunker's? Real custard. Chocolate, vanilla, and a flavor of the day. Peach and jimmies on the Saturday we went. Rice Krispie Treat (with marshmallow and puffed rice cereal) on Sunday. I know because I had all four flavors! Seester brought some back before we headed to tube. Then Karl, Shuanica, DrChillyD, and I rolled there after brunch to get more custard.

And a dog. Because the look on my sister's face when she described the Spelunker Dog was...ummm...well she liked it. A lot. And now I know why.

A ripper style dog with a spicy mustard and a sublimely-complex, spicy-rich, sweet-with tang, succulently-caramelized onion relish.

I asked if they sold it by the quart. Seriously.

Silver lining to them not? Staff said they guessed if I called a few days ahead when I was coming to town, I could ask the manager to make an extra batch.

Yeah...they make it in house.

It may well be THE ULTIMATE hot dog topping.

And I'm originally from a State that has serious opinions about hot dog toppings.

It was as close to perfection as you could get. Snap of the dog. Soft bun. Spicy mustard. Hot/Sweet/Tart Onion Relish.

If I hadn't just had breakfast, with a stop at the BBQ trailer on the way south to the Skyline Drive, and then more tacos before heading back home...I might have ordered a second.

That good.

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