Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Embarrassment of Riches

It is a College Football Saturday. My team doesn't play until 9:30pm. I can cook and watch all the other cames all day. What could possibly be better?

There is a sourdough/whole wheat loaf in my bread drawer and 1) split pea/ham; 2)bacon/squash; and 3) sausage/potato/greens soups in my fridge. The bread is Waverly goodness. The last soup is Woolsey Farms/M&M Meats and Homestead Farms CSA goodness I pulled together earlier this week.

The other two soups are the creations of my pal from parts East of here...waaaaay east of here. She's a trained chef with a penchant for just cooking obscene amounts of awesome. We've been trying to get together in the kitchen with our Singapore-Slinger pal Darryl so we can all just make a huge mess and feed the masses.

It will make my belly happy to do so.

But too, my sniffling-sneezing, ragweed-hating, Sudafed-popping friends; there is more. There are short ribs defrosting and white sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, beef broth, and ginger ready to get busy in my dutch oven.

Ummm, if I have to put up with your pollen and allergen-induced madness, Mr. Fall Weather...I will endure it with braised meats and root vegetables. Thanks!

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