Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Farmers: Consumers should know where food is from"

Thanks for this article Annapolis Capitol.
And he can tell you why he thinks his tomatoes taste better than any a consumer could buy at a big chain grocery store. Some mass producers will pick the fruits while green, then expose them to ethylene gas, he said, so that the skin will turn a bright red color.

"By the time the inside of the tomato catches up to ripen, the outside's gone rotten," Schillinger said. "It just don't have the flavor."

To him and other county farmers, the difference between their produce and the fruits and vegetables shipped hundreds and thousands of miles across the country is vast. That's why many are glad a new law passed in the 2010 General Assem-bly session has directed the Maryland Department of Agriculture to define the terms "locally grown" and "local," as well as regulate their use in marketing and advertising.

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