Sunday, August 15, 2010

Butter Looks GOOD

Yeah, took some great shots of dinner last night. Best one may have been of the butter. Perfect moment. Our fantastic waitress sets down the two bread baskets and the two split trays of oil and balsamic and oil with rosemary. Olive bread and focaccia.

Broder-in-law hears the server say "and will you need anything else" and immediately looks up with a twinkle in his eye and blurts out slowly "aaaaaaaaand will there be butter." Whole table CRACKED up. So of course, when the butter, the sweat cream perfectly salty butter, did arrive...I took pictures to remind of all that yes, John, there is a Butterclause.

More soon from this dinner, the tubing that preceded it (and the introduction of the White-Bellied Shenandoah Yeti), and taquerias, frozen custard stands, and greasy spoons that surrounded us, penetrated us, and bound our galaxy together this weekend.

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