Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lola's - It's All About the Pie

I drove on our mother-road to get back to WV for a visit this weekend. And I had of the gods. Lola's. Gourmet. Delicious local goods. Patio out back for a gorgeous summer days like yesterday.

There will be a line in the summer, and you will have to wait. Mentally prepare. Stand out front with other salivating pizza-wanters. Have a glass of their quality sangria, wine, or a tasty brew. The staff and owners have actually put thought into the beverage options. Ask them.

It's a small house, and the city's not big on allowing expansion-y type projects, so they make due with the space they have. Means you'll be close to your neighbors in a happy, romping pizza joint where the folks who live on the hill hob-nob it up with the folks from the East End and even the occasional suburbanite from the valley coming in for a pie after work.

What comes out of the kitchen is the key. And dear sweet jeebus it's amazing. Carrie and her kitchen boys are rocking spinach and feta pies with balsamic reduction; Monroe County ground beef and jalapeno with white cheddar cheese on a garlic base with crema; and classic pepperoni with all the salt and grease that glory and pizza require.

That's the four cheese with added pepperoni. Bubby says it's perfect. I think the pepperoni covers up the manchego a bit. Either way, he loves it and I sure didn't leave any on the tray.

You'll notice here that the cheese is actually applied to FILL the dainty, little, spiced cups of porcine goodness.

And that, dear readers, is the special of the day yesterday. Smoked ham with brie and carmelized onions. I mean, ummm, yeah. It was RIGHTEOUS PIZZA. Smoky and salty and sweet. All in one crisp-crust-bottomed explosion of pie.

Plus, G was there were shenanigans.

And since Blogger finally added the 'Add Video' button back to the new editor so I don't have to switch to the old editor to post hillarity on the web, you will benefit.

Please enjoy...death of a slice.

And since I have the massive hard drive on the new machine, you can see a few other pies from previous visits.

Like in April, when I got back for the first time since October. And Bubby and the gang had this jalapeno, tomato, and beef with crema concoction. It's on the regular menu now.

They've also done that riff with black beans added too.

You're welcome.

And here's crust. Thin, chewy, crunchy, charred just the right amount crust.

I hope the the Charlestonian peeps still following this enjoy themselves a slice soon.

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Paige said...

They have a pan-fried goat cheese salad that is divine too. They'll split it between two so you can have salad and pizza. The goat cheese is seriously one of the best things I've ever tasted.