Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I haz new toy!!!

I am now not only a blogger.

And not only a food blogger.

But a pretentious food blogger with a new technological toy I will tell you makes my content better than yours.

I am the epitome of what the blogger should be. Free to sip my latte in a cafe and look down my Cupertino nose at you.

And I probably will. Because we all know that it's the 'puter (like the shoes) that makes the blogger (player).


And yes, feel free to remind me in the comments that process posts about the computer on a food blog are only okay if there is actually FOOD on the food blog.

More on that soon. I have pictures of wild boar that need to be shared.


Jake Weissmann said...

New toyz are kool!

Melissa said...

Heard a bit on NPR about restaurant folk being annoyed with food bloggers and their picture taking! I didn't hear the whole thing, just a letter in response from the piece written by a food blogger defending y'all. Obviously, this chef is jealous of your toyz.

kitchengeeking said...

I think I saw/heard/read that story or a similar one recently.

I take the camera with me most places but have stopped snapping photos every meal. I do this for the word craft as much as the photos (go re-read my Volt post) and take some pride in being able to write about food without pictures every time. But there are also such GORGEOUS bits of food in this world.

I don't want to get in the way of other people enjoying their meals at all, so no flashes ever, but I have less sympathy for the restaurants. I'm never getting in their way by taking a picture of plated food. Now if I want to get an action shot of the kitchen, that's a different story.