Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hot Bologna is NOT What Your Mom Used to Make (Unless She's Really Cool)

It was a lazy-man's Saturday and I was not about to let it slip away without some lazy-man's time with a cast-iron skillet.

Nothing so simple as a sandwich. Bread, meat, cheese, some veg. A bit of time with the skillet, and a happy eater.

And this time of year, I haven't set foot in a grocery store in about a month and a half. Not because I'm that busy, but because almost all of my food is coming from the market or the CSA; meat, eggs, root veg, and baked goods.

South Mountain Creamery's thin sliced bologna, crisped up around the edges in the cast iron and then set on top of their havarti dill which was in turn on top of the fresh mizuna from the awesome herbs and greens ladies up near Greenmount at the market, which was in turn on top of the bottom half of a rosemary focacia mini-loaf from the bakers at the T in the market on your way toward Greenmount. Then a small onion from the CSA sliced and caramelized in the detritus of the bologna and a hint of dijon (from the store, but really, I don't grow mustard seed and I'm not from Dijon) and the top of that mini-loaf to complete the whole scene.

Half of it for brunch and half for an early dinner and I was a happy camper.

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