Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Raw & Soon to be Cooked

Please enjoy this prelude...taken from the 1988 Fine Young Cannibals album "The Raw and the Cooked."

Waverly was good to me today. Good like I needed it to be! Long week ahead and having food at home will get me back there more often after back and forth drives on Tuesday and Wednesday. At least I get to stop and pick up this week's CSA on Tuesday when I roll back in to town.

But that's Tuesday, and this is the day...

Skirt steak from the M&M folks, shitakes and creminis from the mushroom lady, baby swiss from the dairy guys and a rosemary focaccia loaf from one of the bakeries? Flavor of the Month says whaaaaat?


Three pounds of fresh peas, five bunches of local asparagus, a pint of gorgeous red new potatoes, fresh scallions, muenster and garlic/herb cheddar plus a dozen eggs and a quart of whole milk? Omelets and frittatas heeeere! Get your yummy omelets and frittatas here!

What's that? I have a HAM STEAK TOO??!!!??? Now we're cookin' with gas (well, I wish we were anyway).

Check, Check.

Some spring mix, vitamin & mustard greens from the CSA and a fresh batch of radishes from the market? Salads AND sauted greens to go with it all? Such a

Check, checkity, check.

Bone-in loin chops busting in at 1 1/2 inches thick and a neighbor with a grill?

Check baby, check baby, one, two, three, four. Check baby, check baby, one, two, three. Check baby, check baby, one, two. Check baby, check baby one. It's called the food shaker...

I have taken this too far. Waaaay too far. Like as far as Elwood P. Fahrpacard and I did when we'd skip high school, go to the Mountain Lair and pop five dollars in quarters into the juke box to play "Ice Ice, Baby" and "Whoomp, There It Is" over and over until a pool table opened up...quickly.

I'm so terribly sorry...but you clicked on them all...didn't you?

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