Sunday, May 2, 2010


And more teaser posts. I'll have three or four more NYC posts, and CRW trip to write, AND the dinner party last night.

Speaking of dinner parties last's strawberry season...and the first locals are in from Preston on the Eastern Shore.

That's toasted rosemary ciabatta, macerated strawberries (LOCAL FROM THE SHORE 'HON!!!), whipped cream (yes, we MADE our own in the Geek Household), and Balsamic Reduction (prepared by Sous Geeks Ms. Vertical and Jeff).

I think you will not be surprised to learn there was no dessert left. Since Ms. Vertical's name has been mentioned, you also won't be surprised to learn that the reduction saucier was licked clean at the table...with champagne... More later on the dinner the preceded and the hilarity that lasted all night.

Off to Bal'mer for brunch and then the game...

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