Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Post-Trip Pre-Post Teaser (Have Fun with That)

Been a while, huh? Well there are stories. Two trips worth in fact. So you'll get caught up soon. I just need to organize it all in my head. I'm gettin' there.

Meantime...realize that all of these pictures are related somehow.

 You want to know...and you will. And this part will be the kinda funny part of the story, 'cause it was raining, and we weren't inside.

This part will be the longest post, and will need the least explanation. There was no cheese left...that was not the only Fondue pot on the table. By the end of the meal someone was wearing a sign that read "Chz Whore." Chez was not there.

This part will be the shortest post...and will need the most explanation. It involves deep-fried mayonnaise, passwords, and MASSIVE ice cubes. Plus two bags of cheese checked with our coats. Yeah, it happened. You wanted to be there with me.

What? You don't like bubbles? It's 30 Rock, yo'. Just down that fuzzy background and around the corner past the ice rink on the right. Really. That's what the shot it about, highly-rated sitcoms I don't watch. Pay no attention to the TRUFFLE in MY HAND.

Perhaps NOT my most Suave moment. But a 2" thick Sesame Pancake with Roast Pork, Carrots & Cilantro? Yeah, I was NOT going to be shy about photos. Or video! You'll get video...

Perhaps...well, you get it. And when you get sage Greek-style advice on the coffee cup your step-sister bought at the Indian cab joint with five microwaves and some damn spicy dal, you notice signage more.


Reilly said...

Oh, please post the video of your sis making love to the fondue!

kitchengeeking said...

The video is of my sis saying she WANTED to make love to the fondue. No actual fondue love-making was harmed in the filming of the aforementioned dinner.

Red said...

An excellent teaser post! Now you just need to stop teasing me and post! Hehe.

(Which is to say, I'm looking forward to it.)