Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pops and the Restaurant Babes: A Burger Story

Sometimes the man just gets it right. He puts letters together to make words; words together to make sentences; sentences together in a way that makes laughter. That is the way of the Pops.

This time it was something to the effect of 'I just had dinner at Sotto Sopra. New menu. You should take the Restaurant Babes.'

The "Restaurant Babes" part is a quote.

The laughter was real.

I was still on 'cook for dad so he doesn't eat cheese, and only cheese' duty. There was a phone I knew how to use. The Quiet One is still after me about cooking more meals for her since she had to read about them for several years while I was in that other state.

Okay. It's a sunny Sunday. Y'all bring wine. I'll cook burgers.

And it's getting to be the season. The good early produce is from northern Mexico and in some cases the far southern Carolinas and Georgia these days. It's getting closer. Next month this time I'll be getting ready for my first CSA delivery.

But the WholePaycheck will suffice for now. They actually do a pretty decent local job. They make the effort. Especially with the meats.

Asparagus as soon as I walk in to the store? Check. Red and orange peppers? Check. Red onion and some nice looking 'maters? Check again. Cheese....hmmm, I like Muenster. Okay. Everyone else likes stinky...and I'm trying to learn...over to the counter...mild, "beginner's" blue? Check.

And I'm really trying. I mean, there are some stanky-ass cheeses I just won't ever like. Epoisses being a prime example. But the word goat doesn't scare me on its own any more. Salty, uber-tangy fetas are bueno (or more appropriately what the greek word for good is). Gorgonzola crumbled with nuts and dried fruit on a salad of endive? Yes please. Blue, veiny, crumbly, creamy cheese that melts in three seconds on med-high grill heat onto the burger with some Worcestershire sauce, thyme, salt, pepper, and an egg for binder? Yeah, I'm getting there too.

Leftover cheese?

"Ummm, Dad?"


"Do you have any apples?"


"Of course we have dessert ladies. I'm going to cut an apple (Fuji) and we're going to smear bleu cheese all over it."

Chorus of "Okaaay."

Digression back to the linear-like telling of the story......Half chuck and half sirloin? Yeah, that'll do.

* Note to WholePaycheck. Please keep some 80/20 or even 75/25 ground chuck in the case during the summer months. Your burger eating customers who know what they're doing will thank you.

Two pounds of beef. Eight patties. Pops will have lunch on Monday too. See, I AM a good son!

I grilled, they arrived. He met. We chatted and drank wine. Sauvignon Blanc to start, some more of that will be needed. Of course we have more downstairs. A nice 100% garnacha for the first red, Pocahantski's amazing Bogle Phantom to follow that. Thanks to The Quiet One for reminding me about that bottle of Sav Blanc in the freezer. Whew.

Burgers on the grill. Everyone wants cheese. Everyone wants blue. Guess I take Muenster home with me for omelets and grilled cheeses and other such yummy applications. In fact, as I type up this ode de' Burger, I am ready for a grilled muenster and yellow 'mater sammich. It shall be done!

When the night was over the Good Doctor had met the Restaurant Babes. And he was pleased. They are, in fact, pretty spectacular babes.

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Erin said...

Every single piece of food you mention in that post sounds delicious and I want to eat it. :)