Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Life is good when you send out a Facebook update at 5pm telling the world you have kielbasa and wine and inviting folks to come watch the game...and they come and watch the game.

Life is stunning when you had homemade Lithuanian kielbasa dropped off at your favorite pub by a friend who just really wanted you to try it.

Life is beyond explanation when other friends text and say "Word is you're having a party? I just spent all weekend baking lasagna...three batches...I can bring some."

I know all of this because it happened to me!!!!

The kielbasa was mild, almost like a weisswurst, and smooth. It was a perfect foil for some vinegary goodness played admirably in this show by red cabbage, yellow onions, and cauliflower simmered in apple cider vinegar and chicken stock with thyme and smoky paprika. Uh, huh. Go get some!

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I'm The Chez said...

Life is good when you go home from a Super Bowl Party with $2500 in your wallet!!!!!