Sunday, February 7, 2010


No, I did not fall of the face of the earth after getting the tzatziki done yesterday. But I did become friends with my couch after eating supper and really didn't move for about 7 hours. I mean, I got up to get more Tang and I moved my thumb occasionally to change the channel. But no real movement.

I had to get this posted today, though, as I have Lebanese peeps from WV to impress. And impress them I will (hope to do). It's not a site I knew before yesterday, but I have to believe the recipe from Green Prophet is somehow a legitimate expression of kibbeh goodness. I mean an environmental blog focus on the Middle East? They have to know bulgur and lamb.

Let me take this paragraph to remind you this lamb was purchased from a Maryland producer at the 32nd Street Farmer's Market in Baltimore. Fewer than 30 miles as the crow flies from my apartment and I can have fresh, locally produced meat. I'm slammed with work, you are too. But I can get up early on a Saturday morning and spend what good, quality meat is worth to have the real deal in my freezer and fridge.

Whipped up the outside layer of lamb, bulgur, and onions and pasted it in the food processor. Sauted the stuffing of lamb, pine nuts, onions, cumin, coriander, mint (No, no allspice. I didn't have it). Stuffed, fried on four sides about 10 minutes total, finished in a 350-degree oven for about 7-8 minutes. ATE!!!!!

Look what I saw when I first sliced one of these little footballs of goodness open...

Yeah, I was definitely excited about that look. Crispy and bulgur on the outside with juicy lamb and the crunch of pine nuts inside. A cool little hit of tzatziki over it all and chewy pita with which to sop it all up.

I'm not sure I got it all right. Like I said, I altered the recipe to fit what I had on hand here and wasn't in a position to head out to the store yesterday.

I have to say that while the recipe indicated you can go with beef instead of lamb. I dunno if I'd go there. I mean, I'm usually all for substitutes, but that just wouldn't have enough ooomph. You'd essentially have bland meatballs with crunchy bits. Not what I'd be into folks. I'm just saying. Lamb is good.

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Dan Wright said...

Just made whole wheat pita bread. Pretty easy to do just takes some time. Now I wish I would have spent my time making Kibbeh. Ali Baba has it from time to time and I use to go to a dock on the lake where they would make it damn near every weekend. I am so hungry now!