Sunday, January 31, 2010

Soon Again - And A New Project

I just bought two pounds of ground lamb...and there will be pine nuts, cumin, mint, cariander, clove, and greek yoghurt in my future and yours.

Also peep on the gorgeous beef short ribs in my freezer (or at least envision them). They'll swim with the carrots/onion/creminis/and cabernets soon enough. WV-ground yellow cornmeal in the cabinet you say? Polenta I retort!

There is a hamsteak that will render tender, and also get going with some red-eye gravy.

Also, I'm writing more these days, just not here. New project. You should read it. Start here. Continue here at 97 MealsPerHour. If you like the snarky bits of the geek, you'll like this. The nostalgia and the actual kitchengeeking I do will stay here.

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