Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This post is brought to you by the letter "*W*T"...as in WORK travel.

And the letter "P"...as in pre-holiday.

And the letter "F-T"...as in FRIGGIN'-TIRED.

But mostly...dear reader...it is brought to you by the letter "PJ"...which is SADLY for Papa John's...which is the dinner to which I have succumbed tonight.

Better soon...and even recently, when I ate a bacon-wrapped tenderloin, and discovered that this year's Brussels Sprouts is, in fact, leeks. Especially when layered with taters. And cream. And butter. And cheese. And oven-heat. Yeah...it didn't suck. Even the iPhone got good photos of it...

...and now...back to the five topping that is just DELICIOUS with extra cheese...


Rudi said...

Glad you're upright!

I'm glad you've discovered leeks. K and I love them, and have been fans of the leek since we moved to DC and they were at the Dupont Freshfarm Market. They are such a lovely utility food.

And I also love the sprouts, prepared so many different ways and all of them yummy.

Jason said...

Step 1. Acquire takeout menu for Rocco's over in the Bay Ridge Shopping Center.

Step 2. Throw out all the Papa John's coupons and menus.