Monday, July 6, 2009

Husson's - Slow Posting Pizza Day

Here's some pizza while you wait for real posts from me. They might take a while, but as you can see by the hand in the shot, this pizza will be large enough to tide you over for a bit.

It's from Husson's, a local 10-joint effort here in Charleston that does VERY good thin crust pies with sweet tomato sauce. It's the best damn pizza cold from the fridge the next day too.

And the large's are 18". So you're getting fed for a long time, or for a lot of people, with these bad boys. The fellas at Slice would like say there's no "there" there to the crust. And they'd almost be right. It's incredible how thin the crust is.

And the sauce is sweet, no two ways about it.

But they're loaded with fresh moz and good pepperoni, and they're quick on the draw to get your pie to you hot, and I don't live in NYC, and really, I LIKE this stuff.

Husson's is my number two pizza choice here in town. Number one is Graziano's on Capitol street. Real deal NY-Style pie with loads of good toppings, a few pasta choices, and an eggplant parm sammich that's de-ricious!

Husson's get's the coveted #2 spot for it's delicious Saturday and Sunday morning appeal, and for being a family joint that gets it right with quality.

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sara said...

They make a nice house salad dressing, too.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Giovanni's?