Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Food from Cafe Cimino

I couldn't wait to post. I had e-mailed Melody at Cafe Cimino to get the menu from Sunday's fundraiser and then the typing bug hit me and I posted anyway.So, you get two posts. And this one's the food.

(Almost) Every word from here out is from Melody, since she, Tim, and Eli really are the best folks to talk about the food.

What can I tell you about Tim's food that he prepared?
1. Cimino Salad with his homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing;
2. Our house made Ciabatta and Foccaccia and Jeff's Breads (of Lewisburg) Filone, Whole Grain, and Peppered Parmesan;
3. Awesome assortment of Tim's favorite Italian and Greek Olives, which he gets at the Strip District in Pittsburgh (then does the "grandma Cimino magic" on them with the marinade!)
4. The "cheese platter to die for" included again, his favorite assorted cheeses (Asiago, an artisan blue cheese made with goat cheese from internationally acclaimed Firefly Farms, Fontinella, and...

The and Melody was searching for was CHEADDAR, and it was rich, creamy, and GONE off my plate very quickly.

5. The hot foods were good ole' Cimino Family Sausage and Peppers, Three Cheese Penne Rigate Baked Pasta, his awesome Seafood in Bowtie Pasta (shrimp and scallops in a yummy cream sauce), Pork Loin with Apples, and our house Yukon Gold Potatoes with roasted garlic and fresh rosemary

When our gardens get up and running, we use our family farm's and 3 friends and neighbor's farms to provide the vegetables and the fruits. Right now, our Shittakes are from the Cimino Farm (they might have been in some of the dishes yesterday, but i'm not sure, but they are on the menu in the evening when they are flushing). We grow our own herbs, we get our fresh eggs from a local farm, too. Our honey is local, we do pan seared polenta a lot here all year round and use a local cornmeal from heirloom "bloody butcher" corn.
Tim likes to use what we can from as close as we can, buying from 22 different "artisan", mom and pop, family food producers, then he goes to the Strip for all of his ethnic ingredients that he just MUST have!
hope this helps and so glad you had a good time! Melody
(Maggie May says thanks for her pics!)

No Melody, thank you! And Tim, Eli, and the rest of the staff for making everyone so welcome and so well-fed.

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