Friday, May 1, 2009

When Japanese Companies Move to Town

My friend Sarah works at a new Japanese plastics/high tech chem plant under construction in the Valley and was provided this Japanese-style chex mix at work today.

She and E were lunching at the Tricky Fish and so we opened up the bag. Sarah really wanted culinary student and all-around coolster E and me, you humble (cough, cough, heh) food-blogger pal to try it.

I think Sarah was disappointed there was only one fish in the bag.

I also think E was relieved to see that and to see my hand swoop in after taking the picture to grab said dried-fish 'snack' and pop it in my mouth.

Yes, I ate the fish. It was, in fact, not tasty.

Chalk one up to cultural relativism and move on to your next meal.


cassidenae said...

is the fish like the little hard rye thing in regular chex mix?

i actually like the little hard rye thing... probably wouldn't like the little fishy

kitchengeeking said...

it's chewy. and the fish didn't have fishy odor, but it certainly had fishy flavor.

E Blackhurst said...

Wicked Gross, and I WAS relieved to see Dano eat the only fish in the bag....and it was a REAL fish, I think it was a minnow. [*shudder*]

kitchengeeking said...

Just remember E, you have to eat the next gross thing Sarah puts in front of us.

Lynnderful said...

I, too, work for a Japanese company and find myself offered some strange things. I avoid seaweed like the plague!

E Blackhurst said...

Challenge Accepted....although things could 'get a little crazy with the cheese whiz' - the bar is set a bit high, starting out with a dehydrated minnow and all ;)

Anonymous said...

Dan I'm so proud of you for eating the one and only fish. There's three executives moving here in June. Can't wait to see what they bring next...stay tuned for more culinary catastrophes.

kitchengeeking said...

And let's just have it stated for the record that the Japanese companies that have located facilities in the Valley are fantastic. Great employers and very good members of the community.

Just a little tongue (and fish) in cheek fun with a strange snack.

Here's guessing we could scare folks from other spots with some bizarre American snacks like deep fried oreos (the center part MELTS) or pork rinds.

Mmmmm, pork rinds!