Saturday, May 23, 2009

Holy Moly!

So I write my little food blog because I love to cook, write, and snark. I'm probably best at those things in reverse order.

Today I woke up and rolled through my Saturday morning routine. Coffee; Sportscenter; the new Express: Ready, Set, Go infomercial; Band of Brothers on the History Channel.

And then I hit the Google Reader for my feeds. People and News first. Save the food blogs for last. 10 stories today. One was's "This Week's Tasty 10." I was psyched to see joyyy's post on SE'er Food Blogs had made the list. A great thread that let the community the makes SE go talk about what they write and where. I've added three blogs to my feed after going over the list.

And I was a little geeked that joyyy wrote it since she had been the first to comment on my thread last week about getting back in the kitchen.

And then I had to do a double-take.

'Cause there it was.

My post asking for help from the SE foodies on getting back in the kitchen after a prolonged absence brought on by unemployment and getting back on my feet. Number Eight with an interweb bullet.

What an wild sight to see. Totally through me for a loop. Snark aside (I know, I know, it's as hard for me to type it as it is for you to believe it), seeing that on the screen just got me more fired up to do more with this blog.

There will of course be ample discussion of ambrosia and country cookin'.