Monday, May 18, 2009

Fill My Grocery Cart

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I Haven't Really Shopped for Food in 3 Months

That's right, my fridge has been bare for sooooo long. Unemployment, partial employment, and digging out after finally becoming employed again have sent me into a spiral a occasionally cooking at a party or other shindig, but mostly draining my very well-stocked pantry and eating out at the restaurants at which I've tended bar.

That's going to change tonight. I'm going shopping for my fridge, and I'm going to use the food I buy on my stove in my apartment.

Now I need your help.

What should it be. A food blogger returning to the kitchen after that long a time away. Do I make something fresh and simple like a pasta primavera? Do I grab some lemongrass and red curry paste and get Thai on my groceries? Do I go retro-steak house and pan-roast a T-Bone with some fresh asparagus and a classic baked potato with butter, sour cream, and chives?

Help a brother out.


Lynnderful said...

What ever you do, wrap it in bacon...

The EDG said...

My rec goes well with Lynnderful's. Get 6 scallops from Joe's. Sear them in a cast iron skillet (pat dry before cooking) with canola. Light kosher salt. Serve with roasted carrots and a side of pasta with olive oil and parmesan, cracked pepper.

These are so rich and yummy, we call them "little filets from the sea." Awesome.