Saturday, May 23, 2009

Advertising Snark of the Day

Rolled through the Mc'D's drive-thru yesterday at lunch because it was convenient to the lunch-time errands I needed to run. And ran smack into the second (first here) in what I guess will become a series of 'critiquing the absurdity of the ad.'

The target: McCafe.

The Ad:

Two points of snark.

1) The "Mocha" is "delightful" and the Iced-Mocha is some variation of chocolat-y. Really? Isn't the Mocha chocolat-y too? And is the iced version somehow less or not delightful?

The cappuccino is "full-bodied." Ummm, barista training taking over here. If Cappuccino is right next to latte, why would you use 'full-bodied' to describe the beverage that is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 frothed milk (read FOAM here) while the late is 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk. No froth, more body? I dunno, maybe I just wanted to be snarky and barista-snotty.

2) The flavors are vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, or sugar-free* vanilla. Yup, in the post-coffee-gate world you have to remind people that even if they get the sugar-free flavoring, there is still sugar in their sugar-y sweet, AND "DELIGHTFUL" Mocha.

But it might not be chocolat-y!


Amy said...

Did you once don the green apron, my friend? :)

I hate the new McCafe ads. And I'm enjoying your ad critiques.

I'm The Chez said...

Awfully brave taking on the multi-billion dollar corporation that employs world wide successful advertising and marketing firms. Nonetheless, they are selling a brand rather than purity in product. ;)

Seriously, it's McDonald's. They are known for heart attacks, big macs, salty fries, nasty germ-ed playground balls-not so much the gourmet, trend setting coffees of today.

You worked at the Moose, right? If memory serves me correctly.

kitchengeeking said...

No green apron or Blue Moose here. It was the Coffee Grounds at Conn that I cut my bean grindin' teeth.

I'm a fan of the Big Mac, even though I strangely had my first one ever last year. And now that we have a McD's convo going I may start working through the menu there just cause. Though I must admit that not all the burgers are under $5 and that's a bit of a tragedy - ;)

And you're totally right about what they're known for, which is one of the reasons the McCafe ad onslaught amuses me. I mean, they're kinda 10 years late into the 'coffee house' scene.

Eh, think I'll go get a triple-shot, half n' half caramel hazelnut wheatgrass machi-chini-ato and think this over some more!

Amy said...

Ah yes, the Coffee Grounds!

You're right about them being late to the coffee house scene - which is really funny because not only are they trying to attract people who are into it, they're mocking them at the same time.

I prefer Burger King personally - only place I can get a veggie burger on the run!

Unknown said...

If you take an in-depth look at McD's, see if you can figure out just how they are brainwashing children. I swear mine knew what the golden M stood for long before the could say "chicky nug".

I haven't liked it since they quit frying the fries in meat grease.

Adnoxious said...

I usually find McDonald's advertising pretty depressing or just plain gross. The worst is the MickeyD's down the street from me had a HUGE poster with an enormous burger and just the words "BEEFY SCORE" in similarly gigantic letters.

Um.. WTF is a beefy score? It sounds like something a fat sweaty junky would say when he gets his meat fix. Who wants to be that guy? Not me.
Taking aim at lousy advertising