Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wait For It

I have photos and video of the first cookout of the season and will have to tell you all about it soon. Strangely enough, I seem to have less time to blog now that I'm job-searching than when I would take care of blogging between dessert and post-meal PBR's at the pub.

There are also some alleged photos of New York still floating around on the hard drive, including the stroll down 9th Avenue that included Afghan and German (and a side track to massive strips of candy bacon (yes I know, I'm a HORID wretch for not talking about that yet).

Let me tell you now, however, that friends who bring you Easter supper are the best kind, and that potatoes cooked in cream and butter then soaked in rich mushroom gravy on a plate can put a smile on anyone's face.

Let me also tell you that necessity is the mother of invention and pantry-raiding.

And finally, let me tell you Happy Passover, Happy Easter, or simply happy Sunday. I hope you ate well today.


michael, claudia and sierra said...

hey man - good luck out there with the job search...

Unknown said...

Okay, I'm tired of waiting now :)