Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Penne and Lima Bean Alfredo

Getting back to cooking was more of a challenge than I expected. I'd been crashing on a project for the past 10 days (10 hour days, lots of writing) and was just drained. Better now after a couple long sleeping nights and some down time.

I still didn't have the energy to go to the store (especially after paying the gas, car insurance, two credit cards, rent, and health insurance bills today). But I did have the need to eat. Thankfully those two aspects of my life were not conspiring together against me.

I had half-n-half, the last runty piece of parmesan, butter, flour, penne (whole wheat), frozen limas, and a whopping hunger.

I went heavy on the pepper, and was unfortunately light on the cheese. Ended up being a good thick, creamy, cheesy, peppery sauce that coated all the pasta and beans. Not a bad thrown-together-in-haste meal.

Still sometimes amazed that I can just say "I'll rumage in the pantry," find ingredients for good food, and just make it.

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Amy said...

That looks really good. I have to remind myself to shop from my pantry first sometimes, too - it's a nice surprise when you can make something delicious from things you already have on hand.

The bean salad you posted after this looks great, too. (I'm amazed - two vegetarian meals in a row for you!)