Sunday, April 5, 2009

Big Game Jer and the Taquitos of Fire

Here's what happens when it's 74 degrees outside, Casa Garcia's deck is open, and Big Game Jer gets back from a trip at Cranberry Glades.

Taquitos, people, are deep fried rolled tacos. Stuffed w/ shredded beef and shredded chicken. The a la carte portion is three with sour cream and pico de gallo. The full menu item is two beef, two chicken, shredded lettuce, guac, and the ubiquitous unnecessary tomato wedge.

Margaritas? Well, they're just frozen and delicious.

Authentic chile rellenos were consumed. Cheese stuffed anaheim peppers with sauce? Yeah, also filed under does not suck.

Come get some.

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Vern's Drop in Grills said...

Goodness those sound tasty. I was originally planning to eat a frozen lunch today, but your description of that meal has made me decide to get something Mexican instead. Now if only I could have a cold and delicious Margarita during my lunch break!