Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jamaican in SoChar

I haven't made it yet to the new Jamiacan place in South Charleston; but after this picture sent by my trusty business and food colleague MP, I kinda wanna go NOW.

Really? Whole fish. Dirty Rice. What appears to be a plaintain and a grilled tomato.

I need some of that action damn quickly. Maybe they're open on Sunday?

Maybe I'll drive by after work today?

Who can tell...

[UPDATE] Here's the Daily Mail article on Jamiaca Cuisine. The addy and phone are in the comments now (thanks I'm The Chez).


Brad Mills said...

What's the name of the place and where is it? Sounds interesting.

kitchengeeking said...

Jamaica Cuisine
228 7th Avenue,
South Charleston, WV 25303
(304) 744-9700

It's just a few doors down to the right from Taste of Asia.

Unknown said...

they are open 10-10 M-F
11-9 Sat
noon-8 Sun

we have photos of the menu at Fork You.