Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Roll Like This...

Sitting on the deck at the Tricky Fish waiting on Herb so we can have some dinner. I have the warm sun, a cold Negra Modelo, and all the free wi-fi I can handle.

Applications for "Person Who Sleeps on My Couch So As To Be Closer To My Food-ventures" are being accepted now. Veterans preference will be granted to G, Chez, Krista, Steph, Hatton, my Seester, and Karl in their applications for having already proven able food-ska-teers.


Unknown said...

Please consider this my official application to sleep on the couch for food ventures with Dan-o. As we have shared many drinks and meals together, you are already familiar with my qualifications for the position including a love of pork products, organ meat, bourbon, and perfectly poached eggs. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon with details on the when and where our adventures will begin should you accept my application :)


Krista K said...

Just remember, I put out. There's my application! :) LOL! You know I'm always down to eat.