Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bubble Tea in Charleston

Bubble Tea in Charleston
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That's right folks, there's bubble tea at Pho Vinh Long in South Charleston Tapioca balls in iced tea with milk. Yum.

I'll have one after I finish my Salt-Plum and Soda water. More on that later. It's both good and 'interesting.'

[UPDATE] Krista in the comments is right. Salt-Plum with Soda water is a strange and curious cocktail. I couldn't tell if I liked or didn't like the salty hit you got with the sweet of the plum...might be worth another try.

The Honeydew Bubble tea, in all it's neon-green glory, was stupendously sweet and delicious. Since the folks at Pho Vinh Long serve a semi-slushy mix, some of the tapioca balls ended up freezing before I was done with the tea. A warmer day and a togo tea would have solved that problem.

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Krista K said...

Bubble Tea was yummy yummy good! The tapioca balls really added a fun treat during the drink.
As for the Salt Plum, it was interesting.....good but interesting, very hard to explain. You just have to try it. I said to D while we were there that I bet the drink would be awesome with Citrus Vodka. :)