Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taqueria Distrito Federal

Tacos for breakfast. That's right, after reading about this place on multiple blogs and online papers; and after realizing it was on my way out of town to head up 14th Street to eat tacos, keep driving, and cut across Military Road from there to Connecticut Avenue; I was off.

Actually, dropped Mom off at the Metro on her way in to the office, then pulled a DC U-turn and was on my way.

Found the place easily enough. It's north of the 14th Street Corridor that's been gentrified. I felt much more comfortable.

Parked on the side street and let the adventure begin. Trying to find out if a taco joint that also has some breakfast items is only doing breakfast or if they have some taco stuff ready at 9 am when theirs a language barrier. We made it happen. Her English was broken, but flew like a bird compared to my Spanish. I used every Spanish word I know except bathroom and beer.

Turns out the exotic taco meats aren't ready in the mornings, but they have carnitas, chorizo, beef, and chicken. No tongue or stewed goat. And I was pretty disappointed about that. C'est la vie. Authentic Eating at 9am requires flexibility.

Two carnitas and two chorizo tacos for me. $10.

Salsa roja for the chorizo, salsa verde for the carnitas.

Simple like the joints in Anaheim I hit last year.

Two small tortillas; 2-3 tablespoons of the topping of choice; a teaspoon or so of salsa; pinches of diced onion, cilantro, and radish; and a squirt from a lime. Done, and delicious.

The carnitas was slightly dry (I was ordering yesterday's carnitas, most likely my fault here), but tender and came alive with the lime and salsa verde.

The chorizo was a very deep, rich flavor that was cut by the heat and vinegar from the salsa.

And then I saw the pot of coffee and realized I could save a stop at a gas station for a good 150 miles if I got a cup.

Thank god I did. Mexican restaurant. Authentic. Hint of cinnamon in the coffee. Friggin' DELICIOUS.

So there I am, in my car on Oak Street just east of 14th Street. Styrofoam TOGO box with four tacos in it. Styrofoam cup of Mexican coffee in the center console cup holder.

It was like some foodie stake out.

Got me full, got me home.

I sure hope the encroaching 'developement' doesn't price places like this out of the neighborhood.

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