Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Orzo Risotto Redux

Got out of the office and did shopping. Not the big, twelve-recipe shopping I set out to do on Sunday. Just the meal for the day.

I actually like shopping, so having to go back again today won't be a chore.

You see before you my new 5-qt dutch oven, chock full of orzo risotto goodness.

It was better than I remembered. I took some time to read comments on the recipe and noted there were folks who thought it was too 'plain.'

I think they're a bit crazy, and the subtle sweet sausage, tart artichokes, and creamy orzo and Parmesan was a delicious little bowl. But I also saw a little more zing as worth a try.

So in with the sweet Italian went a few pieces of hot Italian sausage also.

Worked well, and I see what folks were getting at.

At the bar, the bowls were clinking quickly and the peeps were happy.

We started talking modifications. Spinach was a consensus, as was broccoli.

A little red bell pepper for color.

For a veggie option? Call me crazy (shut up Steph. and Chez. and Krista. and all the rest of you), but I think beets would be good. Color of the dish would be wacky, but they provide a meaty texture and sweetness.

Of course, mushrooms would be VERY good in this. Cremini and Shitake? Big chunks of Portobello.

Yeah, that wouldn't suck either.

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