Monday, December 8, 2008

Osso Bucco

gremolata classic. lemon zest. parsley. garlic. nothing else. you always think it looks too dry. then you remember the saucy, unctuous, melted fatty, braised goodness on which you'll be sprinkling it.

visiting pops and B for the first time since july-ish. dad's brain moves in mysterious ways. so he suggested osso bucco. he couldn't tell you why, but he knew i liked it and B made it well. those two things were enough.

he didn't remember the pile of bones on my plate last christmas as i collected everyone's leftovers to spread marrow on toast. had to cut more rustic baguette. just for marrow. as it should be.

dad's anti-carb these days and serious about it. six inches gone from his waist serious. working hard and getting results serious. so there's baked asparagus. this is okay in my mind because a) i love asparagus, and b) i will love asparagus in my frittata tomorrow morning too!

the main event was delicious. i helped by keeping B company while she cooked and by stirring risotto. and stirring. and discussing whether to leave the grains a bit al dente with some liquid left in the pan (which would get soaked up by the melting cheese added off heat at the end), or whether an extra ladle or two and several minutes of stirring to get completely cooked grains and no liquid left at all was the 'preferred' way. my vote's for method one. B's is for method two. either way, you're getting something damn don't complain.

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