Wednesday, November 12, 2008

30-Mile Roadtrips

Greco does not often have enough time to just head off on a day trip. I never have until my current blissful unemployment.

The ostensible purpose was to get to the closest Best Buy so G could potentially get himself a computer. I was technical support and general Day-Lackey for Mr. Greco.

The real purpose was to go to the closest Sonic to Charly-West. And let me tell you, G and I were excited enough that we parked the car and walked to the picnic tables at the front of the Sonic because there was no way we could fit all the food we wanted in the car.

I was also excited enough to forget there is a "Park" on my shifter. Caught myself, and the car, about 4 feet into a slow roll backwards.

Fear not intrepid reader o' mine, G was fine.

One Chili-Cheese Coney with Tots and a soda for each of us, a SuperSonic Jalapeno DOuble Cheeseburger and Butterfinger Blast for Greco, and a BBQ Cheeseburger Toaster (yes, with bacon AND onion rings on it) and Cherry CreamSlush Treat for me.

The waitress came out with the tray, looked at me as I said "Yeah, that's just for us," said "WOW," laughed and walked off.

Here you can see the joy inspired by this trip.

The joy that caused Greco to text DT every mile on the interstate to let him know we were one mile closer.

The joy that permitted us to fit all of our food into our bellies.

What, you don't believe me?

Trust me, I wanted to make sure you believed me, there's photographic evidence.

There was, sadly, one lonely tater tot which had fallen off the table unbeknownst to us. I saw it as we were leaving and realized we had LONG ago passed the five-second rule.

Although I also must admit that speed was our ally in finishing the food. Total time from food brought to us through food all in bellies could not have exceed 15 minutes.

Don't worry Mom and Dad, this is NOT what I do everyday. Or even once a week. Maybe once a month. And usually with much better ingredients and less processed schtuff.

Speaking of which, I have menu planning to do for a Saturday night dinner party. It came together in the bar last night. There's pork, jerk, and mango involved. Check back next week for the goods...


Melissa said...

Wow. I knew you boys could eat, but damn. I'm impressed.

And hungry!

redneck muppet said...

you're allowed to be hungry. i'm not sure greco or I will be for several days now.