Friday, September 5, 2008


You may have noticed the lack of posting since early in my Denver travels. And so have I.

Here's the deal. 18-hour days in campaign offices and running around West Virginia as staff on the Obama campaign is not conducive to eating, reading magazines about food, and especially cooking. So tragically, the posting will continue to be sporadic for the next 61 days.

I'm not willing to 'suspend' the blog because I will continue to eat, and there will be that day when a volunteer brings in some tray of awesomness I need to share; or G will grill and I'll be able to sneak out of the office for an hour; or I'll go shopping and *gasp* bake so I don't go insane.

So you'll here from me, but not often.

Some things to look forward to:

1) I'll be so pent up with cook-now rage by the end of this that November and December will be blog-tastic;
2) I'm spending a week or so at the new farm house after the election so there will be rustic farm meals galore;
3) I'll probably be spending a chunk of holiday time at my sister's new place so her gourmet bad-ass can be the feature for a while;
4) There is WAY to much sarcasm in me to stop doing this for any great length of time.

And now, as a parting holdover, I just read my good pal Dan's no-knead bread post. He's not a full on food blog, he's more well-rounded than me (haw, yeah right, i have the market cornered on ROUND).

Anyway, read it. It's good.


Amy said...

Obama is lucky to have you at his back. 18 hour days! I hope they're feeding you well (um, pizza?) in the interim.

I love no knead bread. I saw that recipe and have been meaning to try it.

Dan Wright said...

We are both pretty well "rounded" Poppy! I look forward to some of the rustic recipes after the election. We need to get G up in Motown and have a cooking orgy... can I say orgy on here? Anyway, keep it up and keep in contact.