Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hip little joint near Coor's Field here in Denver. Steph never leads me wrong when she has a restaurant in mind. Snooze has her favorite Huevos Rancheros ever, and it's a damn tasty one for sure. Three tortillas, perfectly over-easy eggs, crisp, fresh salsa and avacado, creamy black beans. It gets filed under 'did not suck.'

I went for the "Pulled Piglet Benedict." Yeah, you knew I was going to order that. According to Snooze, it's "Slowly braised pulled pork and avocado atop a toasted English muffin, covered in our smoked cheddar hollandaise & served with house hash browns on the side."

According to my taste buds and my belly, it was just frickin' awesome. Smoked cheddar hollandaise makes me happy. Crispy hash browns soaking up yolk from perfectly poached eggs makes me giddy. Pulled pork with all of that? Yeah, I was definitely a member of the clean plate club.

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Unknown said...

I went back the next day and had the huevos with chorizo, even better than the original. . .