Monday, July 21, 2008

Sweet Corn in the Summertime

So I know it's a crappy cell-phone picture, but I want to tell you about John Crihfield Farms so badly I won't even let my awful picture get in the way. When I post the UK recipes later this week (and they're almost all translated for home kitchen use now), you'll know from where the corn, eggplants, and half the zucchini came.

The reason I post this picture on it's own, though, is to tell you that John Crihfield Farms in Harmony, WV had some of the most delicious corn I have tasted in years.

Let that sink in knowing that I grew up in two places during summers. The farm in Pocahontas County, WV with some of the sweetest mountain grown corn literally in my family farms' fields. The other was on the Chesapeake Bay sailing three or four weekends a summer and for one 10-day to two-week cruise. If you haven't tasted Silver Queen corn from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, you have not really done all you can as a foodie.

So, that being said, go to the Charleston Farmers' Market and say howdy to the folks at John Crihfield Farms...and buy a dozen ears.

Recipe Tease

I put a dozen ears in the oven in their husks. No soaking, no brining, no nuthin'. Just corn and heat. 350 degrees for about 30-40 minutes.

I almost didn't have enough corn for the salad course for dinner because Herbert and I kept 'tasting' to make sure it was good enough to serve.

Remember, no seasoning. No butter. Just the sweetest corn you can find. Right here at home.

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Melissa said...

So this comment is way overdue, but I had to voice my love of capitol market corn! We were in town a couple of weeks ago and stocked up on fresh veggies, including some to-die-for corn. It was so sweet. You're right--it didn't need a thing. Not even butter and that's sayin' something.
I don't remember which stall we got the corn from but it was goooo-ooood.