Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Strip

I know Memphis is the barbeque capitol of Tennessee (at least to us fer-iners), but I expect that you'll forgive me.

I also know that I was sorely disappointed to miss out on meeting up with old friends and new friends in NashVegas. The damn conference required work. And I kinda loved it. Political geeking is what I do for a living, so 300 Young Dems getting their voter outreach training for the fall on is something that is 'pork-worthy' in the food analogy realm.

Forget about it. I'm a geek. I ate pork for three meals in Nashville, and I would recommend the same to all of you. Well, it's pig, of course I recommend it.

The Jack's combo is simple, a platter is your meat (chopped pork shoulder) with two sides and cornbread or toast. I went big and added a side of Mac n' Cheese too.

Cheez supports me there.

That creamed corn you see there? It's amazing. Not too sweet, not too salty.

The green beans were in the serving tray with MASSIVE hunks of fatback. Mmmmmm, drool.

The cornbread logs were crumbly, sweet, and soaked up some porky sauce.

Little sauce bit at the bottom of the tray? Uber hot. Yummer.

The night before that was a late dinner after too much conferencing and a bum recommendation to drive a few blocks to a joint that was closed. Apparently the 'best q in town' was not good enough.

Oh, well, there was Rippy's. And it was good.

Three piece country band on the stage, center bar, table in the corner on Broadway.

You'll note the blurry cole slaw and beans in the background. They were tasty. You'll not note the corn cakes (pancakes, cornmeal) because I was more worried about tearing into the juicy, porky goodness than I was with photography.

And you'll note in the dripping with smokey pork and sauce goodness foreground one of the ribs that ended up at the business end of my gullet with great gusto.

CY, I am sorry I never got to catch up with you. And at some point in the not too distant future, I'll fix that. You live in a great town, and I need to get back there to eat so much more.


sara said...

This remindes me of the time my sister and I spent an unseasonably warm January week in a Florida beach town several years back. Everyday we found a way to work in a trip to one of the several Sonny's BBQ restaurants. Lunch, snack, dinner it made no difference. Porktastic!

redneck muppet said...

i did recover by making a tasty veggie curry last night that i'll post later tonight...with RECIPE.

michael, claudia and sierra said...

memphis has us beat on bbq, for sure. we do hot chicken, that's a real nashville "thang" - but glad you enjoyed it all.