Monday, April 21, 2008

Drunken Peas and Carrots

i'll start my tales of last weekend's roadtrip at the end...tonight's dinner.

one of the stops in the whirlwind tour of baltimore was the belvedere market, and ceriello's italian market. if i had remembered to bring my cooler, my fridge would have olives, marinated artichokes, orzo salad, suasages, and every other italian food that could be stuffed into it.

as it was, i took a jar of their homemade vodka sauce with me. tonight, with the inspiration of about 1/2 pound of carrot noodles from the asian market in morgantown and a bag of frozen peas, drunken chicken peas and carrots was born. no shopping required. ten minutes of total prep and cook time. tasty.

added bonus of discovering a new shop and local handmade product.

i remember picking up the jar as steph was telling me of her love for their fra diavloa and reading the ingredients. the most pleasing part was that tomato was the first and tomato puree was the second. that does not suck in my book.


Anonymous said...

any dish with "drunken" in the title is alright by me. a good sauce is my all-time favorite pasta dressing, tied with olive oil, garlic and cheese.

i call for the inclusion of vodka in more of the things i eat.

redneck muppet said...

just wait until i start cooking with moonshine.