Monday, March 17, 2008

tidewater greek salad

tidewater greek salad
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Renovations happen, staff turns over, menus lose some focus. With all of that, and having been eating at the Tidewater for over 20 years now; you still want to go there for two things. Rolls fresh from the oven with sweet cream butter. And greek salad with juicy beets, thick feta, and tart red onion crunch.


I'm The Chez said...

Unfortunately, in my opinion, Tide Water is NOT what it once was. The last three or four times I went there, I was horribly disappointed by the entrees themself. In fact, I found them disgusting. So much so, that one gets a free dinner for one's birthday at Tide Water. I specifically stated that I DID NOT want to go there for dinner, even with it being cost efficient. Yes, rolls and greek salads are good, but not enough so to save a place.

redneck muppet said...

Agreed on the entres for the most part. But when you roll up to the lounge with Krista and the Greco, and order raw and fried oysters, calamari, jerk shrimp, a bowl of salad, and split an order of alaskan crab do alright. Company and cocktail sauce made this dinner.

Too, there are some great things left there. The parmesean-crusted sole and the arctic char shanghai style with the sticky rice and soy spinach are tasty morsels.

Last night they had a pecan crusted sea bass with jalapeno cream that almost tempted all of us.

It's not what it was, but there are times when it's worth it.

I'm The Chez said...

To each their own. I would simply rather spend my money else where...Jer and I try as often as possible to support local eateries anyway, rather than the big business. I know you do this as well, Dano. I'm just saying...I'm over Tidewater.

user said...

yeah, I'm with Chez on this one. I do love the rolls, but hell, I love the rolls almost anywhere! Overall, I'm not a Tidewater fan. It's overpriced and I've never been that impressed with anything I've ordered. It's just okay but still mysteriously (to me) remains a Charleston institution.

redneck muppet said...

eh, perhaps the phrasing 'you still want to go there for two things' missed the mark. suffice it to say that most folk round here don't get down with the tidewater anymore.

guess i got carried away with the fun time i had despite the sub-parness of the food.

and it was fun to take pictures and have Krista ask, "Did you just move that beet to get a better picture?"

i am always amused that the politeratti in Charly-West are required to go to 'the mall' to eat in the see or be seen restaurant.

I'm The Chez said...

I do think that you went there with fabulous company which can always make a dining experience worthwhile.

Very interesting observation about "the politeratti in Charly-West are required to go to 'the mall' to eat in the see or be seen restaurant." Oh so many comments for discussion could come from that statement alone. Well done, Dano. Well done.