Sunday, March 9, 2008

Saturday Brunch - The Bluegrass Kitchen Chronicles

Brunch yesterday was a classic. Organic ham-steaks with red-eye gravy, one of Sue's biscuits, a MOUND of grits, and two perfectly-poached eggs.

Upper left from the plate?

Oh, that's just my coffee cup. Nothing I need to write about there.

Ohhhhhhh. You meant that little corner of a saucer you can see all the way at the top left?

Yeah, that was the other gravy we ordered.

And I am now going back to the kitchen for Sunday brunch too.



Jingoistic Relic said...

Great blog! Cookbooks like novels is a super line. I shoot baseball and have never been to West Va. If I make it there this summer, I will be sure to ask some restaurant advice.

Best wishes,

Bill Chapman

redneck muppet said...

Charleston has a great newish park that was built three years ago. There are characters galore including the local here "Toast Man." Team's The WV Power. Pitcher development low single-A.