Thursday, March 27, 2008

rendang beef over carrot noodles

last night's dinner came out of a box. but a box of luv from the asian market in morgantown. my sister hopped a little bit when she saw the rendang in the markey aisle. that's a strong enough endorsement for me to try it.

a mild coconut curry with singapore history according to box-slash-google-for-three-minutes-research. it was mild, with a typical curry blend tang and a smoothed edge from the coconut. i added some red onion at the beginning (pulped out and added some flava) and some brocolli at the end (chez diggs the b).

i was going to do rice, but then remembered i had the carrot noodles. honestly, when you cook from a box, you should not be surprised by this. the carrot noodles were the best part of the meal.

the curry needed a slurry to thicken more and i needed to buy a fattier cut o' beef to avoid the drying out part.

i did put the broccoli in the soup at the right time to keep it crisp tender! it didn't totally suck.

and i had scallions. garnish, damnit! for a wednesday.


Anonymous said...

The carrot noodles intrigue me -- I may have to check those out.

redneck muppet said...

asian market where the flea market used to be...great stuff in there.