Sunday, March 9, 2008

Red-Eye Redux

Y'all didn't believe me, did you?

Well, this was a special treat. And not just because I had red-eye gravy two days in a row. Nor because I had yet another perfectly poached egg (which I did) or one of Sue's crumbly delicious biscuits with honey-butter (again, ditto).

This one was special on the plate because I learned that when the board at Bluegrass says "Choice of Meat" that one of my options is sausage.

"That's strange D, you always talk about bacon."

"Well, yes, I do LOVE bacon. But I am also big on the pig and a firm believer that the swine is fine. I love PORK. It's just God's gift to omnivores."

And (and here's the kicker), Bluegrass makes their own sausage.

Think for a minute about making sausage. It's not hard. It's taking ground pork and spices and mixing them together. These weren't even in casings. They were just spiced-pork meatballs.

But someone MADE them. Someone I could meet if I had asked Herbert to introduce me. They would have come out of the back to the end of the bar with a quizzical look wondering who the weirdo was with the camera and the pork-fascination.

That's the best part to me. Those guys make their food. And they can tell me where it came from.

A word on the bialy before I leave you.

I will make them soon. A crispy crust, a soft roll center, a yeasty flavor in every little pocket of yeast-formed air-pocket that screams "Pour gravy in me."

A slight chewiness to your breakfast that makes you work for it, and relish every tender bite of goodness.

Yeah, this brunch did not suck.

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michael, claudia and sierra said...

that's it
how much do you weigh?
because if it's not a lot
i'll have to hate you

but then again - you be a youngin'

redneck muppet said...

i weigh in proportion to my love of food minus my exercise.

i'm a desk jockey who loves his couch and remote control. tbs sunday movies are my r.e.m. awake time.

deacontodd said...

That ain't red-eye gravy in the picture. The gravy that's pictured is made with flour. The only thing in red-eye gravy is country ham drippings and strong black coffee.

Thank you.