Thursday, March 6, 2008

Minneapolis Airport

The Minneapolis airport is stunningly user-friendly and comfortable. There are at least a half-dozen options other than Starbucks for your coffee. You can buy luggage (which always seemed funny to me when you're already in the airport), iPods (from a vending, I'm serious).

And, if you get hungry, you can sit down and enjoy a nice hot bowl of...

...ICE CREAM!@$&^%

These people are CRAZY. In West Virginia, we have DQs. In Morgantown, where I grew up, it was seasonal. CLOSED WHEN SNOWING.

Blew my mind. Of course I had woken up at 1am after getting two hours of sleep to drive to Columbus (3 hr. drive) to catch my ungodly early flight to get to Minneapolis...and wait for my flight to SoCal. So I was delerious. But c'mon. DQ? In Minneapolis? In late February?

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