Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mabo Chicken and Seared Tofu

this was sunday relaxing and de-stressing meal. i lazy-day-ed it and got up for a late brunch at bluegrass, laundered (tragically not money) for multiple hours at the ALWAYS entertaining coin-op, and then grocered my way to a tasty dinner.

the Mabo sauce was from my trip to Morgantown and the asian grocery a couple of weeks ago. recipe says brown pork, add sauce, crumble tofu, and serve

i needed more veg and less pork. i know, i said less pork. don't worry, i'm still big on the pig. i'm also just big. so ground chicken it was.

plus i needed veg.

so after browning the chicken, i added a diced onion, three stalks of diced celery, four cloves of minced garlic, and the mabo sauce to a pan. threw in a dash of spicy bean sauce too.

wait, bubble, gurgle, sizzle.

add diced red pepper. add four chopped baby bok choy.

meanwhile, back at the non-stick pan, add a bit o' oil. take the brick of tofu and slice into 6 pieces. pop it into the pan and let it sizzle. drizzle some sweet soy sauce on it and flip. drizzle again. sear it on both sides.

that rice? yeah, two cups of rice, 6 bay leaves, and 15 whole cloves. press the button. wait for the rice to cook. really, buy a rice cooker people.

plate it on up and scallion the top. some sesame seeds would have been nice too.


michael, claudia and sierra said...

i gotta start adding asian to my reportore...

looks good!

michael, claudia and sierra said...



redneck muppet said...

oh absolutely. as much as you love the new and exciting ingredient. i bet you'd have a blast with lotus root and fermented tofu.

it is actually fun. i feel somewhat guilty that i use a packaged sauce in the prep, but it's hard enough to find that, let alone try and recreate it from base ingredients i know nothing about.

and it's always easy and fun to grab fresh veg and some funky new things and make a tasty dinner.