Monday, March 24, 2008

easter supper

mostly photos. i think they're good enough.

eight kitchen...lots of family you get to choose.

i started off with caramelized onion and wild mushrooms, added madiera wine, deglazed, repeated, added tomato paste, added madiera and reduced. put it on half-baked bread drizzled with olive oil and salt, topped it with shredded asiago, and then watched the gang make love to it.

taters. peel. slice. arrange with butter dabs and cubes o' gruyere. add chicken stock. baked covered for an hour. uncover. add asiago. bake more.

same drill...out of gruyere and asiago. use romano!

we decided on beef for dinner.

i decided to wrap it in peppered bacon from the bacon of the month club.

Burger's Smokehouse in California, MO provided the peppered bacon.

oh, yeah. i also stuffed it with wild mushrooms, baby spinach, romano cheese, and fresh rosemary.

when we sat at the table i said i might have overdone the rosemary.

7 people said "no" faster than clemens talking about steroid use.

it looked pretty on the table. that was weg's doing. she's the doll that hosted us all and let me take over most of her kitchen.

and then.

and then.

weg proved she's no slouch.

talk to me about homemade raspberry ice cream.

heavy on the berry, easy on the rasp.

then smash it between some puff pastry lightly smeared with lemon curd and throw a few fresh berries on the plate.

breath. eat. breath. drool. eat. eat. eat...BREATH.

Not to be outdone, J brought four mini-chocolate lava cakes. her sister owns Tennis Skirts Desserts in southern california. we benefited.

i whipped up a simple reduction with the last of the fresh raspberries, some sugar, and some golden balsamic vinegar.



i want to cook with this so much more.

that's my easter.

first meal i've cooked since BEFORE my SoCal trip. way too long. and that won't happen again.

one last thing...

this is what the meal made us all look like...


michael, claudia and sierra said...


i loved your mushroom bruschetta thingee! quite the feast!


redneck muppet said...

ty, ty. i'd done that before without the tomato paste. i think it's better with. adds an earthy that was grand with the shrooms.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous. for a second, i thought i could smell everything and it was lovely. and then i realized that o ne of my coworkers must have brought something yummy for lunch. but for a minute there, i was quite transported.

redneck muppet said...

those bastards. how dare they not give you their lunch so you could eat and food-porn at my blog all at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! The beef looks just awesome. (And so does everything else, but I could almost taste the beef.)