Friday, March 21, 2008

corn grit thick

corn grit thick
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dear readers,

please help my find out what to do with this item. i wandered through an asian market last weekend and it came with me when i left. it was an alton moment to grab something you know nothing about and cook it. yes, yes, i paid for it before it left the store with me.

googling "chinese thick corn grit recipe" does not help me. perhaps you can.

my inclination is to make corn-porridge-y glop and put miso or rice-wine-vinegar-steamed fishies on top of it. or maybe some grilled beef wrapped in scallion with a honey-soy marinade. i dunno. what do you think?


sara said...

I offer no help, though glop, or some variety thereof, seems an obvious choice. You can do better.

redneck muppet said...

yeah, i'm just thinking the first step in whatever i do with this will be 'glop.' it may then be roasted, grilled, chilled and sliced and then boiled, or stuffed into something.

i'm pretty sure, though, glop us step one.