Saturday, March 22, 2008

bluegrass kitchen - meatloaf love

after a great concert at the local, roomie and i needed sustenance. sue and jay were in the kitchen this morning and they provided it.

go ahead, read that menu and weeeeeeeeep. i wouldn't even trade that for a tray full of buffet bacon.

you all know me. you know what that means.

i, of course, stopped reading when my eyes saw meatloaf. h and i had already said "biscuits. comma. pregnant pause. GRAVY." about ten times this morning.

we're dorks, but we're your gravcy dorks, and you love us.

i have to tell you again how wonderful these guys are. they love to make good food. sue comes out every saturday morning when we come in to tell us how good the biscuits are. she's never wrong. today's were more chewy, dough-y, bread-y champagne biscuits. they were excellent. and the less-sweet of the biscuits today was the perfect balance to the more-sweet-than-the-pepper-gravy tomato gravy.

slather that all over meatloaf that was 2/1 beef/pork with peppers and onions, and love.

not sure if it was intentional that the potato cake was crispier than usual, but it was the perfect texture match with the smooth meatloaf and the creamy gravy.

i might have to go back again tonight for dinner.

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